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Surprise Me! (3-4Y Girl Apparel Bundle) - $49

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Surprise Me! (3-4Y Girl Apparel Bundle)

Choose a surprise bundle and we promise you'll be in for a treat!

In this bundle you will find:

  • 2-3 pieces of apparel across a variety of brands that we carry (Jamie Kay, Aster and Oak, Bencer and Hazelnut, Snuggle Hunny, Mimi Market, Lala, Woodie, Milk Balm, Monbebe, Happy Prince, Arim Closet, Mini Robe, Konges Slojd)
  • Could be a mixture of tops, bottoms, one pieces, outerwear and swim wear (remember it's a surprise!)
  • Up to double the value ($49) that you are paying for!
  • Let us know in the checkout notes if you have any special requests (e.g. prefer to include more tops and onesies). We can't promise but we will try our best to accommodate your requests if stock allows! 

**Please note that this bundle may contain products tagged 3Y, 4Y, 3-4Y.**