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A Little Longer

My First Meal! (Blush)

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We would love to journey with you through your little one's milestones, including his/her first foray into solids! We have lovingly prepared this giftset to help introduce your little bub to solids in a safe and fun way. This giftset (valued at $104) will make your little one look forward to meal times and make it so much fun!

For you, we have prepared:

  • Ali and Oli Roll up and Stay Closed Bib to catch those food bits that may fall as your little one learns how to feed himself
  • LoulouLollipop Silicone snack bowl and plate that would make meal times so much fun!
  • LoulouLollipop Learning spoon/fork set that is easy for little hands to grasp with its chunky animal handle
  • LoulouLollipop Born To Be Wild 2pc silicone straw set for when your child starts to learn how to drink through a straw
  • Personalised message card to let your recipient know how much you care
Just let us know the message that you would like to send in the comment box and we will be happy to pen it down for you:)