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3 Little Crowns

Mealtime Travel Pack

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Created entirely for parents on the move, 3 Little Crown's travel pack makes any mealtime outside the comfort of your home a breeze!


  • A waterproof and thermo-insulated carrycase with snap button leather strap for the convenience of attaching to prams. Fully sealed zip for better insulation and protection.
  • A trend setting vegan leather bib with size adjustable snap buttons and spill pouch to save that beautiful outfit.
  • A premium double-sided vegan leather placemat, providing a clean base for your little ones food.
  • A soft BPA free silicone spoon, gentle and safe for little mouths.
  • Hot/cold gel pack to keep food warm or cold. Perfect for keeping food at the desired temperature on those longer day outings.
  • Extra space for food pouches, small food containers, fruit or snacks.


Simply wipe down with a wet wipe or damp cloth with a gentle cleaner. No laundering necessary! Not suitable for machine wash. Do not soak or immerse in water. Thoroughly dry before storing.

Hand wash with a mild soap or place in the top rack of dishwasher.

Clean with a wipe or damp cloth, can be stored in freezer when not in use.